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White Brick Wall

Martin Sanchez

Welcome to my portfolio! 

I have personally edited and produced the majority of these projects, serving as a small demonstration of my work from the past few years. If you require access to additional projects, such as DSP coding or workflows, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am happy to provide them to you.

White Brick Wall


White Brick Wall
White Brick Wall
White Room



Alex L.,
Creative Director at Airbnb

" When I think of Martin I am always inspired by his unrelenting passion for his craft. It is truly special to see someone so dedicated to constant growth in their ability and perspective. I cherish the time that I was able to work with Martin, and I look forward to continuing a strong relationship with him, as his personal values are something to marvel. I have no doubt that his focus and ability to consistently deliver high quality work will add tremendous value in any of his future professional endeavors. Thank you Martin for always making us smile along the way."


Evan B.,
Video Editor

" Very articulate in music, and the audio space, Martin is a go to guy. Even though we worked on different teams, we always had projects that needed collaboration. He was indefinitely available for pop up asks that needed attention. Martin took what our team meetings said into consideration at all times. He volunteered to be Team DJ at big events and showed us tips at being better on the turntables. Martin is a great addition to any company/team and has unlimited recommendation from me."


Jamie G.,
Director, Partnerships & Licensing at Universal Music

" I was introduced to Martin through the music and content partnership between our two companies, Airbnb and Universal Production Music. From day one, Martin has been a joy to collaborate with! His work ethic and attention to every detail are two of his strongest suits and were apparent right from the start. Martin is also super-passionate about his craft, driven by his love of music and finely-crafted sound design. He deeply values relationships and goes out of his way to advocate for the things that he believes in. Martin would be an asset to any team he joins and I would jump at the chance to work with him again!"

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